Are You a Recruiter Ready to Elevate Your Hiring Rates?

Discover the science and art behind effective closing strategies, transparent negotiations, and fostering unforgettable candidate experiences. Unlock the secrets of top-tier recruiters and skyrocket your closing rates!

What's included in the course:

  • Over an hour of videos instruction from our CEO, Brianna Rooney!
  • 8 downloadable/printable student handouts
  • An assessments and project to help you evaluate your growth

Module Highlights:

Candidate Experience Deep Dive: From the first interaction to the final handshake, learn the art of crafting a journey that nudges candidates towards a positive decision.

Communication & Trust-Building: Establish long-lasting rapport and ensure transparency throughout the hiring process, setting both you and the candidate up for success.

Negotiation Techniques & Masterclass: Move beyond basic negotiations. Dive into the realms of data-backed strategies, emotional intelligence, and even the art of using silence to your advantage.

Post-Interview Excellence: Harness the power of effective follow-up, analyze genuine candidate interests, and provide actionable feedback that bridges gaps and clears doubts.

Offer Presentation & Closing Techniques: With modules on how to present offers and specialized techniques, you'll be equipped to make the most of that crucial final phase of recruitment.

Reasons Behind Offer Declines: Delve into the psyche of candidates, understanding the myriad reasons for declined offers, and strategize more effectively for future positions.

Celebrate & Evolve: Understand the significance of celebrating successes and using them as motivation for continuous improvement. Stay positive, adaptive, and ready for every challenge!

Refund Policy: Due to the confidence and digital nature of our course, no refunds will be issued. Please ensure you have looked at what each course offers. You have a year to complete each course. Make sure that the time frame works for you. Now is the time to invest in your future. If you are still unsure, email us at [email protected]

"This training is what every company should aspire to have. Through six weeks you will learn so much about the recruiting world but also a lot about yourself. You will leave prepared to tackle whatever role and hit the ground running. Going into Thriversity I pictured lots of modules, they did that but also catered to each different learning style. As a kinesthetic learner, this allowed me to retain information and love coming in

every day to learn. I am grateful for the

training and excited to see the next wave

of recruiters come in and kill it!"

"As a working mom,

I can’t waste time - Thriversity helped me achieve my career goals quicker by having high-quality resources and training all in one place and in a flexible time frame. Before starting the course, I made a career transition and entered Thriversity with little to no relevant recruitment experience. Not only did I learn the fundamentals, but I also learned specialized techniques from seasoned experts on how to excel in the industry..."

"Going through Thriversity was a dream come true for me! I needed this course to take my recruiting skills to the next level. Before this, I took Internet Recruiting courses, spent so much money trying to develop and learn, and always came out disappointed.... What I didn’t know is how it was going to develop me not only as a Recruiter but as a person. This course has an entire section on Emotional Intelligence..."

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Why Thriversity?

Thriversity was founded by Brianna Rooney, CEO & Founder of multiple successful business ventures including TalentPerch, Techees, and The Millionaire Recruiter. TalentPerch is currently listed on the Inc. 5,000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies, and Techees’ team of highly skilled recruiters was recently acquired by Affirm. With over 14 years of experience and great success, Brianna is highly sought after for her expertise. Now she wants to pay it forward.

Inside Thriversity, Brianna will teach you how to become a successful recruiter like she has done for herself & hundreds of others.

Brianna is on a mission to change the way the world views recruiting. She has seen the effects of strong recruiter training and wants to share it with the industry she loves.

After she realized that the recruiting industry had changed drastically, she felt that her Millionaire Recruiter Bootcamp just wouldn't cut it. She took it down and sought after a dedicated Learning and Development team. Backed by their years of experience and their passion for creating courses that are dramatically more effective, they partnered with Brianna to help create some stellar training for the recruiting industry.

And that is just the beginning! We have plans in the works to expand our offerings and services to help the recruiting industry get the support they need and to be seen as the assets they are.

We hope to see you become our next success story!