Module Summary

Learning Outcomes:

  • Employ a strategic approach to thoroughly prepare for client calls, ensuring maximum impact and value-added interactions.
  • Establish yourself as an industry expert and a valuable asset to clients, leveraging your expertise to provide insightful guidance and innovative solutions.
  • Identify clients' unique needs and develop tailored strategies that align with their specific requirements, demonstrating an exceptional ability to address client challenges and deliver exceptional results.
  • Employ effective questioning techniques to extract the necessary information required to set clients up for success, demonstrating a keen understanding of their goals and aligning services accordingly.
  • Utilize comprehensive knowledge of client preferences and requirements to select and present resumes that precisely align with their needs, enhancing the likelihood of successful placements.
  • Adapt communication strategies to effectively convey the strengths and potential of candidates to clients.
  • Recognize and confidently navigate relationships with challenging clients.
  • Identify bad clients and have confidence in parting ways with them.
  • Cultivate and nurture enduring relationships with clients, fostering trust, loyalty, and mutually beneficial partnerships that extend beyond transactional interactions.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the differences between transactional and strategic recruiting, enabling effective decision-making and implementation in real-world scenarios.


  • How to Prepare Before the 1st Client Call
  • How to Nail Your Client Call
  • Client Intake Template
  • How to Negotiate a Fee Agreement
  • Hiring Manager Intake
  • Setting Expectations
  • Now what? After You Signed on the Client
  • How to Identify and Fire Bad Business
  • Build Long-Lasting Relationships

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