Module 1 Summary

Getting to Know the Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Industry


  • Learn about the foundations of recruiting and the recruiting industry.
  • Learn insights as to why the Talent Acquisition industry, specifically recruiting, is the best to work.
  • Be equipped with a comprehensive list of vital websites, recruiting averages, and the recruitment cycle breakdown.
  • Understand the recruiting fundamentals necessary to build upon the processes, cycles, best practices, and procedures required to be a successful recruiter.

Lessons Covered:

Recruiting is the Best Industry in the World

Recruiting Principles, Best Practices & Processes 

Know What’s Wrong With the Recruiting Industry So You Can Stand Out 

Average Recruiting Metrics 

Helpful Recruiting Resources

Steps in Full-Cycle Recruiting 

Talent Acquisition & Recruiting Dictionary 

Talent Acquisition & Recruiting Acronyms 

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