Module Summary

Module Summary

In this module, learners will delve into the intricacies of the recruiter-hiring manager relationship, a pivotal aspect of the recruitment process. Through a series of lessons, participants will uncover common pitfalls and challenges faced by recruiters when collaborating with hiring managers. By understanding these challenges, learners will be equipped with strategies to navigate them effectively, fostering a more productive and harmonious working relationship.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Confidence Building: Understand the importance of preparation, communication, and authenticity in building confidence when interacting with hiring managers.
  2. Information Gathering: Recognize the essential questions to ask hiring managers to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the role and its requirements.
  3. Identifying Struggles: Discover the common struggles faced by recruiters in their relationship with hiring managers and learn strategies to address and overcome these challenges.
  4. Handling Challenging Situations: Develop skills to manage difficult situations with hiring managers professionally and effectively, emphasizing active listening, empathy, and collaboration.

By the end of this module, learners will be better equipped to foster a productive relationship with hiring managers, ensuring a smoother recruitment process and better outcomes for both parties.


How to Be Confident When Working With a Hiring Manager

Hiring Manager Intake

Common Struggles Recruiters Have With Hiring Manager

How to Handle Challenging Situations With Hiring Managers

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